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FAQ - Why can't I send my Kin?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

We've had a few folks come up with the same issue; when they try to send Kin from KinFit to another wallet, it doesn't work. We'll explain what's going on, and how to fix it here, using the Kin Laboratory

The short version is, this error is not an issue with KinFit. The transaction is actually invalid, because the "to" addresses don't exist. Not in the "real world." They exist on your device, but they're not a public address anyone can send to. You can verify that your wallet address is actually on the blockchain by checking it by searching for the address on the block explorer, found here: Blockchain Explorer

When you're creating these other wallets, their addresses are stored locally on your device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc) but they AREN'T registered on the Kin blockchain. That costs a transaction fee, so if you haven't been told you've paid one yet, chances are, you haven't actually gotten a real, public address on the blockchain.

You can check if your wallet is public or not for yourself, using these steps:

1. Create an account on the account creator page of the laboratory: Generate Keypair 2. Then check that in the Blockchain Explorer.

3. Let's guess... It doesn't work.

The account is created locally, but hasn't been registered on the blockchain. This costs a "create account" transaction and has a 0.001 transaction fee for non-whitelisted accounts. To manually register your other account (that you're trying to send Kin to) on the blockchain, you have to do the Create Transaction first using the KinLabs Transaction Builder.

Most wallet providers do this for you already (Kinny, Kinit, etc). KinFit is of course not responsible for the existence of external wallet that you are sending to, only the wallet you are sending from. Once your public wallet address is registered, you will be able to send all the Kin you want from KinFit to any other public wallet address.

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