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How can I get my Wearable Device (FitBit, Garmin Smartwatch, etc.) to work with KinFit?

Updated: May 22, 2019

This is a big thing! Many people use smartwatches to record fitness data (I do), and we'd be remiss if we didn't find ways to make all these apps, devices and watches talk to one another to earn our users more Kin!

Let's talk about FitBit. It's perhaps the most straightforward and transparent app for measuring steps. FitBit talks to Google Fit, the device resident API, but you need a data portal app to make it work. We've found that Fit2Fit works very well. To connect your FitBit device to KinFit, download and install Fit2Fit.

Opening Fit2Fit allows you to port your data (steps) into Google Fit manually, or at a predetermined time for auto-sync. Once the sync is done, KinFit accesses your step data and connects with the Kin Blockchain to create your Kin reward.

Garmin--well, it's a work in progress. We've found that it can interact with Google Fit via:

Strava ( or

Nike Run Club (Formerly Nike +)

We haven't done the deep dive into the Garmin situation yet, but the above apps connect your wearable to Google Fit, which is where KinFit draws data.

Enjoy exploring the app and what it can do! As always, please email us with questions or comments at

Hand holding a smart watch
Integrating your Smart Watch can be an easy way to collect more accurate step readings.

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