• Courtney Weatherman

KinFit Update!

We have several tidbits for you, KinFam and KinFitters! Let's jump right in.

First off, we heard you, loud and clear. The Doubler was just too expensive. We've cut the price in half... not a sale, not a gimmick. As of a few hours ago, the Doubler is now only 75 Kin. This is a permanent change; we recognize that we simply set the price too high, so we fixed it. Go buy the Doubler every day and double your earned Kin!

Apple App Store Logo
iOS Version is coming soon!

Second, a handful of Kinfitters have reported an issue with the KinFit not showing their earned Kin, and have deleted and reinstalled their app... PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!

If you are having issues with your earned Kin not showing up in the app, please DO NOT delete and reinstall the app. We are working diligently on backup and restore, and hope to have a fix out in an update ASAP. In the meantime, your wallet is still safely receiving your earned Kin, and once we get B&R rolling, we will do a bug fix for the bug.

So, continue to #walkwithkinfit and rest assured, you are still earning and holding Kin in your KinFit appwallet, even if the app isn't showing you.

Okay, moving on, we are really excited on a couple of other fronts! Check this out...

We are busily aligning the iOS version of KinFit with the Android version, and preparing to launch KinFit once again, this time on Apple's platforms. Its going to be awesome! We are still more than a week away from iOS launch, but the whole team is pitching in to support the KinFit Dev Team in their work. Stay tuned... so many people have asked "when Apple?" We are ON it!

KinFit is joining the Kinnovation Team to launch the Lean Discovery Module onboard KinFit! The LDM will allow KinFit users to discover other apps in the ecosystem, and will allow users to move their Kin to other apps -- and into KinFit -- for a diversity of spends and Kin Experiences. We see this becoming a big thing for our users, and really is the essence of having an Ecosystem in the first place. Look for the LDM in KinFit and in other Kin Ecosystem apps very soon.

Lastly, we are building the KinFit Swag Store! We'll have high quality tee shirts, mugs and other KinFit paraphernalia for your sense of style. Look for it, coming soon! 《Trademark》

So, you can see we've got a busy June planned ahead at KinFit HQ. THANK YOU for your continued support. Keep the feedback coming in and tag us when you #walkwithkinfit!


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