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The Update: How to keep & backup your Kin

Since we've released a new update to the Android version, along with the iOS debut, there have been a few people wondering where all of their Kin went. When you update from the Beta to the new Update, your Kin wallet address won't change, and now you can actually see the wallet address (Tap the Settings icon ⚙️in KinFit to see this).

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The biggest mistake we've seen a few people make is to delete the old KinFit app, then install the updated app. Don't Do This. The update will simply give you the new UI (user interface) and keep your Kin. What we do recommend everyone do, regularly, (especially if you destroy phones a lot like me) is back up your Kin wallet. Here's How:

How to Back up your Kin Wallet for KinFit: 1. Tap the Settings Icon ⚙️ 2. Tap the blue "Backup Now" button 3. You'll be sent to the module for the Kin Foundation's Backup and Restore 4. Click the purple "Let's Go" button

5. You'll be prompted to create a password with at least 9 characters, including 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 special character (#, !, @) and 1 number. Make sure to check the checkbox saying "I understand that I won't be able to restore my Kin without this password."

6. Click the purple "Next" button to create your QR code

7. You'll have to save this QR code somewhere safe. You can Email it to yourself, or save it to Google Drive. Click the purple "Email QR code" button.

8. Your phone will prompt you where you want to save/email to. 9. Once that's done, check the box that says "I've saved my QR code"

10. Your Kin is backed up and safe! Click the X in the upper left corner to return to KinFit

This will allow you to restore your Kin to KinFit in case you have to reinstall the app, or lose your phone, or break it, or some other unforseen event causes you to have issues. Please use it, as we cannot gain access to your Kin, for safety reasons to protect you! Having a saved screenshot of your wallet ID in case of other issues is also a great help for us, as well as your email, should you need to contact support with any issues. If you're having other problems, please reach out to us at

Cheers, KinFitters, and keep walking!

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