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Double Up!

Hello, KinFit beta testers! Let's take a moment and talk about a feature of the KinFit App that is basic to it's use... The Doubler!

The Doubler is a spend opportunity that pops up when you have, or have first earned, 150 Kin. When you purchase The Doubler for 150 Kin, your Kin earning potential for tomorrow's steps is doubled! What this means is that by buying the Doubler, the rate at which you earn Kin increases by 2X for the next day.

When you reach your maximum earning steps for the day (10,000 steps), without the Doubler, you earn 250 Kin. But if you had bought the Doubler, your Kin earn would be 500 Kin.

So if you're going to walk, you need that Doubler! The upside is obvious, as the Doubler more than pays for itself, and you've created yet another spend transaction on the Kin Blockchain. It's totally a win-win!

So get out there and buy the Doubler!

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