Man walking in Nature


Blazing the Trail to a Healthier Life

KinFit is a unique app with a groundbreaking concept.  In the past, developers were compensated only when they charged users to unlock features of their app, or when they scraped data from their users and sold it to advertisers for targeted ad placement.  This system destroys the user's experience and removes the element of choice and shared reward from the system.

KinFit is part of a large and growing ecosystem of apps that break that abusive paradigm completely.  We reward our users for their actions and interactions, because those actions create value on the Kin Blockchain.  Through a mathematical "mining" process, the Kin Rewards Engine (KRE) rewards actions taken by users in apps in the Kin Ecosystem. 

When you take a step with KinFit, the KRE rewards KinFit, and we reward YOU.   Our team of incredibly bright minded individuals has dedicated an immense amount of time and effort in designing a working system that uses your actions to interact with the Kin Blockchain, create value for the system, and compensate everyone involved in an equitable way. 

In short, you walk, and we pay you.  It really is just that simple.